July 27, 2016

“We feel so lucky to have had Lorna as our wedding photographer and the end results were exactly what we’d hoped for! Before the wedding I spent time with Lorna discussing what sorts of things I liked, she was really open to ideas and so easy to chat to and she deserves massive credit for translating our indecisive ramblings into a much clearer vision! I felt that her ultimate goal was to ensure that we ended up with photos that we loved and that in turn would make her happy.
I was really nervous on the day prior to the service and Lorna was brilliant at easing the tension and making everyone feel relaxed, she was the great combination of discreet and determined that meant she caught some lovely unplanned shots and made sure everyone was where they should be for any formal shots as well.
Lots of guests have commented to me about Lorna’s energy on the day – she was relentless in capturing all the elements of the day as well as some amazing portrait shots not only of the wedding party but of guest groups as well. What was most important for us was to capture the essence and feeling of the day and Lorna most definitely achieved that for us.”

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